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 About The Photographer
    Jon Tulloch was born in November of 1966 in Walnut Creek, California. After spending his early childhood in Berkeley he moved with his family to a commune in New Mexico where he resided for about one year before returning to California. The family then moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan where he finished growing to adulthood. During high school in Ann Arbor, Jon became interested in photography and has pursued this as a career.

   Jon joined the Army in his senior year in high school and spent 4 years in Germany which was his selected destination. While in Germany he visited France, Austria, Switzerland and Italy and returned to the US in 1989. Jon enrolled in college and studied biology.

   Jon's original photographic interests were black and white nature photography and typical high school photography projects. Jon was particularly interested in the chemistry of photography and spent many hours in the lab experimenting with developing/printing techniques.

   Jon later developed more of an interest in color photography and with the advent of digital photography, took a great interest in this medium and the electronic manipulation and enhancement of images which is his current area of expertise.

   You may contact Jon with any questions or requests at the following eMail address:

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